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One of the best lessons you will learn in life is that we are all deceived on a daily basis. Ergo, you have to question everything that comes before you.
So who, or what, do you put your faith in? Difficult question, and one that is not easily answered. Someone once said "consider everything, believe nothing". These are wise words.
Whatever we do, we have to chose a path through life. We could just let ourselves be led by those who think they know what is best for us - but are their motives good or bad?
A lot depends on the politics involved. On issues where it is felt we should be deceived, then we shall be deceived. On mundane everyday issues, there is not need to lie, to mislead.
So! I present to you my ongoing collection of 'meme's'. They are not there to influence you one way or another, they are there to get you thinking about the world around you.
In closing I say this: it's a shame that so many people do not question what they see and experience on a daily basis. They prefer to remain as part of the 'zombie' culture. This culture is one where many cannot be bothered to learn the truth, or at least attempt to learn the truth. These are the people who just swallow everything the establishment presents to them on a daily basis. Sad, isn't it?


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