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We are NOT the official website of the Wolverhampton Chess Club. We exist simply to give the reader an opportunity to get basic facts about the club, and some other chess news of interest. Our website is also 'responsive'. This means it can be easily viewed on screens of different sizes. If you wish to visit the club's official website, then please click here:

Wolverhampton Chess Club

4th August, 2022.

Narrow defeats.

The Birmingham Summer League has come to a close with Wolverhampton winning their last match in the Open Section due to Warley Quinborne defaulting.

The team finished mid-division (4th), but with just a little better play, it could have been 3rd place. The team entered in the 7400 Section also suffered from just falling to win a few more board points. This meant they finished 2nd last rather than 2nd in a very tightly contested Section. So, overall, it was down to fractions. The final tables:

Birmingham Open Section
Birmingham 7400 Section

So on to the 2022-23 Winter leagues. The club only has one team playing in the Birmingham League (Division 1). The second team has been dropped (maybe due to lack of interest or just simple player logistics). In the Wolverhampton league, it is the same set-up as last season. Teams in Division 1 and 2 again.

The Dudley league will have a fixture meeting on the 11th August, and we wait to see which Wolverhampton teams will be competing. In the Cannock League, Wolverhampton have a team in Division 1 only.

4th June, 2022.

Radically different results.

It's been a mixed bag for Wolverhampton. Some notable successes and some miserable failures.

Wolverhampton finished, as champions, with a 100% winning record in the Cannock League Division 1, but the 2nd team fared badly in Division 2.

The Birmingham League Division 1 team were outstanding. They finished 3rd behind two very powerful teams and can take great pride in their achievement.

Sadly, the Wolverhampton 1st and 2nd teams were very poor in Divisions 1 and 2 of the Wolverhampton League.

Regarding individual and team trophies, there is nothing to report of any value. It's a big vague in places, but there appears to have been no success at all.

So on to next season and who knows what will happen. Will team numbers still be restricted by the stupid Covid nonsense? Or will we see a change back to the normal format?

That's all for now. Ta-ra, as they say in the 'Black Country' (am I allowed to say that any more?)

6th February, 2022.

So there is still life in Cannock!

There is a new website, and fixtures. This was decided on 18th January, so it seems.

Yes, last month some folk got together and decided to (belatedly) get the Cannock League up-and-running again. Here are the links you need:

Cannock League website.
Cannock League fixtures (via the ECF League Management System).

NB. Wolverhampton have teams in Divisions 1 and 2. Your move!

21ST JANUARY, 2022.

All change and the 'new abnormal'

Strange new clothes

Just a quick and temporary update to the website. Firstly, I have had to move the hosting to my main website. But typing 'chessobserver.com' into your browswer will still bring you to the right page.

Secondly, the new Wolverhampton and Birmingham leagues kicked off again in 2021. But because of the Government's crazy science, team numbers have been reduced to accommodate the recommendations given about "social distancing", etc.

Wolverhampton League 1
Wolverhampton League 2
Birmingham League 1

Please note that there is no Dudley League for 2021-2022. As for the Cannock League, that has seemingly gone up in a puff of smoke.

Thirdly, Wolverhampton Chess Club has returned to a previous venue. It's now back at the Clarendon pub in Chapel Ash.

So then, you can catch up with the news of all of the cut-back team's antics on the official league websites. Until I get more time in my busy schedule to comment further on their progress, I'll leave it at that.

Oh, and before I forget, I'm not in the UK any longer. Strange new clothes for me as well!


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